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At Rosso’s Bespoke we believe in the paramount expression of your individuality – partnering to shape your personal style and voice. The Rosso man, understands this challenge is an ever-changing journey to express his unique personality. Rosso’s is for the man who wishes to dress in comfortable elegance in a garment that fits to perfection – clearly expressing how it was only made for him !

Our highly skilled tailors and team have over 50 combined years of experience ensuring continuity of tradition, exclusive product knowledge and pride in craftsmanship.

We have been committed to our house style and principles since we opened our doors.  We believe in simplicity and elegance and favour a classically-cut garment with a gradually shaped waist and full chest. We aim to create a silhouette that is well-balanced, elegant and graceful. Upon choosing Rosso’s, rest assured that you will receive a level of quality and attention to detail in keeping with our time-honoured sartorial experience.