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For a world increasingly characterized by trendy, mass market fashion, we say keep it simple and elegant. A bespoke garment made by our highly skilled tailors applying the best fabrics available will be a memorable experience. Choose from stripes, checks, window panes, colours and textures as well as a wide range of tailoring including suits, sport jackets, vests, trousers, tuxedos and overcoats.


Rosso’s Bespoke strives to capture the natural extension of a man’s character and voice by the expression of his personal style through his wardrobe.


Fabric and Fittings
In consultation with our tailor, explore myriad fabrics, trimmings and models to distinguish your look and fit your lifestyle. Measurements are taken and multiple fittings are essential to the experience.

Cutting and Finishing
Every curve is considered and every prominence is captured on the master pattern by the trained eye of a master tailor. The cutting is both a science and an art form. Each unique bespoke garment offers the finest in construction and detailed hand finishing.

The fit delivers the perfect silhouette and a balance between comfort and elegance. The exclusive, final garment completes your expression.